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“Enrich Life Through Power”


To develop and maintain an efficient, coordinated and economical system of electricity supply to the whole of Sri Lanka, while adhering to our core values

  • Quality

  • Service to the nation

  • Efficiency and effectiveness

  • Safety

  • Professionalism

  • Sustainability

  • Commitment

our management

board members

Designation -Chairman

Name -Mr. N.S. Ilangakoon RWP RSP

Division - Office Of the Chairman

Designation -Vice Chairman

Name -Eng. D.K.P.U. Gunathilake

Division - Office Of the Vice Chairman

Corporate Management Team

Designation -Acting General Manager

Name -Eng. (Dr.) Narendra De Silva

Division - Office Of the General Manager

Designation -Additional General Manager (Assets Management) - Covering Up

Name -Eng. S. A. D. A. Peiris

Division - Assets Management Division

Designation -Additional General Manager (Corporate Strategy) - Covering Up

Name -Eng. W. Edussuriya

Division - Corporate Strategy Division

Designation -Additional General Manager (Distribution Division 1)

Name -Eng. S. A. D. A. Peiris

Division - Distribution Division 01

Designation -Additional General Manager (Distribution Division 2)

Name -Eng. K. G. R. F. Comester

Division - Distribution Division 02

Designation -Additional General Manager (Distribution Division 3) - Covering Up

Name -Eng. W. M. S. W. Weerasinghe

Division - Distribution Division 03

Designation -Additional General Manager (Generation)

Name -Eng. N. S. Wettasinghe

Division - Generation Division

Designation -Additional General Manager (Transmission - Wired Operations)

Name -Eng. N. S. Wettasinghe

Division - Transmission Wired Operations Division

Designation -Additional General Manager (Transmission - Non-Wired Operations)

Name -Eng. K. G. R. F. Comester

Division - Transmission Non-Wired Operations Division

Designation -Finance Manager

Name -Mr. T K Liyanage

Division - Finance Division