Akuressa Chief Engineers Office achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification

The Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) has awarded the ISO 9001:2015/SLS ISO 9001:2015 certification to the Office of the Chief Electrical Engineer of Akuressa for its Quality Management System (QMS)

A QMS is a system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities of an organization for achieving quality policies and objectives. The Akuressa Chief Engineers office has implemented Its QMS and managed business affairs with the continued observation of the SLSI for the last few years.

After thoroughgoing assessment done over the years, SLSI approved that activities of the Akuressa Chief Engineers office, related to commercial & customer services and system maintenance of the area under the purview of the office are up-to-the predetermined service specifications. Thus, they issued a certificate on conformity on 14th February 2020.

"Key to this achievement was the advisory and the leadership of the Chief Engineer Eng.W.A.K.T. Indrajith and the commitment of the staff personnel" - Electrical Superintendent Mr.K.A.Sudath Chandana stated.