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Transmission Projects Branch also had an active year during last year. Brief description of each project during the year is given below:

Asian Development Bank has provided funding for all three packages of Clean Energy & Network Efficiency Improvement Project.  The details are as follows:

The scope of the Mannar Transmission Infrastructure Project has been changed to construct 220kV/33kV Mannar Grid Substation and connecting the same to the national grid by constructing Mannar-Vavuniya-New Anuradhapura 220kV constructed (220kV operated) 70km + 60km transmission lines. The 220kV construction would enable the development of full potential of wind power in Mannar area. All Construction activities were completed in 2019.

The scope of the 132 kV Transmission Infrastructure Project consists of construction of 132/33kV Grid Substations at Kegalle and connecting the same through a 22km 132kV transmission line. Furthermore, it would also include the construction of Polpitiya- New Polpitiya, Athurugiriys-Padukka 132kV transmission lines, Re-construction of Athurugiriya to Kolonnawa - 15 km, transmission lines and installation of 160MVAr of Capacitor Banks at 7 existing Grid Substations. Polpitiya-New Polpitiya line was energized in November 2017 and Re-construction of Athurugiriya-Kolonnawa line is on hold since line was not released for the work. All other Construction activities were completed in 2019.

The scope of the 220kV Infrastructure Project consists of construction of 220/132/33kV new Grid Substations at Polpitiya and Padukka and 70km Polpitiya-New Polpitiya-Padukka-Pannipitiya 220kV Transmission line. The transmission system would enable the smooth transfer of power between western load centres and Laxapana Complex. All Construction activities were completed in 2019.

Green Power Development & Energy Efficiency Improvement Investment Program (Tranche 1)  Part 2 – Transmission Project is funded by ADB (23.9 M USD) and co-finance by AFD (30.0 M USD). Under this project, augmentations at 132/33kV Grid Substations Trincomalee, Katunayaka, New Anuradhapura and 220/33kV Grid Substations at Kerawalapitiya are already completed and commercially energized in this year. Furthermore, transmission lines associated with Grid Substation at Kappalthurai, Anuradhapura, Kalutara and Kesbewa were completed and energized in this year.

New 132/33kV Grid Substations at Anuradhapura, Kalutara & Kesbewa and 220kV/33kV Grid Substation at Kappalthurai are being constructed. It is expected to complete these Grid Substations in year 2020.