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Present status of the 220kV/132kV/33kV Grid Substation at New Habarana

A 500 MW power station constructed on Built Own and Operate (BOO) basis at a cost of approximately US$ 500 million was to be located in Sampoor.  The Environmental Authority granted its approval for the project.  However, the project was suspended.

The procurement activities of the main peripheral developments of the project namely, the 400kV transmission line from power station at Sampoor to Habarana, 220kV Transmission line from Sampoor to Kappalthurai including the Grid Substation at Sampoor and the coal unloading jetty were suspended until a power plant is finalized.

Habarana Veyangoda Transmission Line Project (HVTLP) which is required for power system improvements is implemented with the assistance of JICA. (JICA Loan SL-P106).The contract for the construction of 146km long 220kV Transmission line from Veyangoda to New Habarana grid substation and the associated line diversions is awarded as Lot B and work is proceeding with a progress of around 99%.

4cct, 220/132kVconstruction of 9km has commenced and only 2 tower erections and conductor stringing is remaining.  These are double high towers capable of carrying two normal transmission lines in one tower.

Further as Lot A, a new 220kV/132kV/33kV Grid substation was constructed at Habarana in a 14acre land and augmentation work is being done at Veyangoda with the addition of two 220kV bays. 

The main task of the transmission line and the Grid substation is to absorb the renewable sourced generation in North and East and to transmit that power to load centers in Colombo and to increase the reliability and voltage stability in the eastern province.

The project is nearing completion with a progress rate of 99%. The budget for Lot A was allocated at LKR 6,957 million, while the budget for Lot B was set at LKR 17,769 million.